I’ll create or fix your 3d models

Hello, I’m Paulina! I offer 3D modeling services to scenic fabricators and 3d printing bureaus. I can fix any type of 3d file (.stl, .step, .skp) or create one from a concept sketch or a photo. I work mostly in Zbrush but can produce files as effectively in Rhino or Fusion 360.

1. Send me a sketch or a 3D file

No matter how vague or incomplete the idea or the files are. I can fix anything

2. I’ll create the model or fix it

I can 3D model any object: from cars, boats, animals to celebrities or historical figures.

3.I’ll prepare it for manufacturing and send you printable gcodes

In the design process, I take into account the manufacturing method (3D printing, CNC, molding) and adjust the model to fit the production criteria. I can also prepare the file ready-to-print with any 3d printing technology!

From €35 an hour.

Clients & Markets

  • Scenic Fabricators
  • 3D Printing bureaus
  • POS material creators
  • Independent Workshops
  • Visual Communication
  • Advertising
  • Movie / Theater
  • Museums & Exchibitions

Why should you hire me?

Valuable hands-on industry experience, engineering education and creative skillset are hard to come by. While producing 3d objects I use my knowledge from these different fields to produce not only beautiful but also functional designs.


Over the years I worked with different 3D modelling software. Broad skillset allows me to create printable designs for both engineering and visual communication.


I have 4 years of hands-on experience working in the Additive Manufacturing industry. During that time I produced thousands of 3d printed objects with various technologies.


Working on a tight deadline is not a problem. I am diligent, always ask the important questions, and can deliver quality products on time.

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