My mission

Hi, I’m Paulina.

3D Designer and 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing Engineer.

I hold a Masters degree in Materials Science from TU Delf. I learned 3D design and digital fabrication from hands-on work for different international Additive Manufacturing companies like Shapeways and Massivit3D.

I’ve always enjoyed scientific and organized work but was missing the creative aspect. In the filed of manufacturing, using 3D printing and design, I get to combine both worlds while providing help to businesses and makers.

I designed and produced thousands of physical objects with home and industrial additive manufacturing technologies. I have always immersed myself in the 3D process in order to understand the limitations, challenges and best practices for each project.

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I can adjust to your schedule, time zone and location.

Quality of work

By understanding the technology well I am able to produce quality designs that never fail.


I take time to understand your project and deliver the best result even on a tight deadline.


I can advise on every step of a 3d printng project – from digital design to final painted or coated product.