Example Projects

Statue for Mauritshuis Willemstad Museum (Netherlands)

The customer requested help in re-creating in 3D a piece de resistance, the statue of Prins Maurits. It was based on only 2 photos. Additionally, the statue needed to be re-dressed to be historically accurate.

maurtis statue at the entrace of the musuem
Mauritshuis museum is located in Willemstad. You can see the statue there right at the entrance. The exhibit opened in November 2021.

Project details:

It took me two working weeks (80 hours) to reconstruct and remodel the statue in Zbrush to the finest details.

3D modeling work was based on 2 photos.

Bruns was hired to design and produce the museum experience.

10XL has 3D printed a set of furniture for the Mauritshuis.

The statue of Maurits was printed by Hans Boodt Mannequins and assembled by 10XL.

3d printed statue of the prince

Panther for window display (UK)

The customer requested help with preparing a panther statue for 3d printing with a Massivit 1800 Pro printer. The object was intended as a window display for a chain of retail shops in the UK. The object was a 1,2 meter tall panther stacked on a few gift boxes. Check the project here:

Customer provided the 3d model but there were issues with geometry in the .stl file. I cleaned the model from unwanted geometry, closed holes in the mesh and adjusted the resolution to fit this tall print. I then used the slicer to prepare the object for printing and provided printable gcodes to the customer. The object printed in only 6 hours (2 parts could be printed simultaneously) without any issues and the customer was able to finish it with a varnish and paint.

If you would like to know more about the project and how else I may help you, don’t hesitate to contact me.