Currently, my hourly rate is €35- €50 an hour. Contact Me Today

How it works.

Send me your concept/3d files to We’ll arrange a short phone/video call. We’ll discuss your project so I have a better understanding of what technology you’re using and how to prepare the model. We’ll settle on a rate (€35-€50/h) and a deadline. I’ll deliver the files in a format of your choosing.

Who I work with.

Who I work with.

Currently, I have a handful of clients that work in the large format 3d printing area. They’re big and small independent workshops, who provide clients with unique pieces for advertising agencies, movie industry or museums. They’re typically really good in working with their hands but need a bit of help in the digital sculpting area.

Client Love

“…I admire Paulina’s ability to manage multiple tasks, perfectly organizing her priorities and meeting always all deadlines. She puts passion and efforts into every detail…”


“… She is diligent, timely and very hard-working. She has great theoretical and practical knowledge in a 3D environment….”

Piotr Slup-Ostrawski,
LFP Industrial