3D Modelling for Additive Manufacturing

  • Modelling projects from scratch (from an image or idea)
  • Solid and Organic modeling – Parametric and Generative design.

Editing of 3D models

  • Editing of 3d models to fit manufacturing criteria of a chosen technology (3d printing, CNC, etc.)
  • All formats of 3d files can be modified (also polygonal like .stl or .obj)

Preparing Large Format 3D Prints

  • Preparing large format 3D prints: scaling, cutting, designing joins, orienting, assembly instructions (Massivit, Big Rep, WASP, FDM).

Trainings on 3D Design & Additive Manufacturing

  • Possible to arrange online or onsite trainings.
  • Well-prepared lessons on Design for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing.
  • Teaching 3d printing project workflow at all steps with practical examples.

Additive Manufacturing Advisory

  • Advisory on 3D printing project execution, technology choice and post-processing (strengthening, smoothing, accuracy).

How it Works

1. Send me a sketch or a 3D file

No matter how vague or incomplete the idea or the files are. I can fix anything

2. I’ll create the model or fix it

I can 3D model any object: from cars, boats, animals to celebrities or historical figures.

3.I’ll prepare it for manufacturing and send you printable gcodes

In the design process, I take into account the manufacturing method (3D printing, CNC, molding) and adjust the model to fit the production criteria. I can also prepare the file ready-to-print with any 3d printing technology!